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Fossil Fuel Free Investing

A growing number of investors, including universities, communities of faith, and other major institutions, are removing fossil fuel companies from their portfolios, but divestment is not just for endowments anymore. Individual investors can also take action to help build a more sustainable economy. Our advisors provide fossil fuel free investment options, as well as opportunities to support promising renewable energy and conservation-focused initiatives.

GMO Divestment

As the companies that produce genetically modified organisms [GMOs] promote their use throughout the global food chain, farmers and consumers have united to demand that foods containing GMOs be clearly labeled. This call for transparency is being fought by the “Big Six” chemical companies, who are using their cash and clout to block sensible labeling laws at the state and federal level.

Inspired by the movement to divest from fossil fuels, many investors are now looking to remove GMO producers from their portfolios. Progressive Investors Network is an active supporter of the organic farming community and the broader campaign to make the food supply healthier, safer and more sustainable.

Community and Impact Investing

Responsible investors can make choices that directly benefit communities and the environment. “Impact investing” supports efforts to promote affordable housing, sustainable agriculture, inner-city and rural development programs, and other entrepreneurial and nonprofit initiatives – and can also provide investors like you with attractive portfolio options.

Progressive Investors Network is proud to do our part for impact investing. Your investments can help empower underserved communities, even as they help you realize your financial goals.

Gun Free Investing

Tragic mass shootings that have taken place in Sandy Hook, Pulse Nightclub, and Parkland have spurred action across generations and calls for gun reform. While the NRA's strong ties in Washington have put a wedge in making progress on federal gun control regulations, individual and collective action are powerful tools. You can start with your investments.

While you may not have a gun locked in a safe, and you may have never even held a gun, you could effectively be a gun owner by way of your investments. Contact us for a portfolio review, and we will screen your investments for gun manufacturers and help put pressure on retailers for stronger gun controls measures.

Animal Welfare Investing

Factory farms comprise the majority of animal agriculture operations in the United States, which are responsible for 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions every year and use more freshwater than any other industry in the world. Factory farming incurs a number of environmental social and governance issues, making it a risk prone investment option. Animal welfare is not just a concern in factory farms, but also in product testing laboratories, among clothing manufacturers and in the wilderness.

If animal welfare is important to you, we will make sure that your investment portfolio reflects this set of values, and help you to invest without causing harm to animals, and the natural world that houses them.

Private Prison Free Investing

Private prisons are privately owned institutions that profit off mass incarceration in the United States. While a publicly owned prison houses prisoners with aims of rehabilitation, or keeping them off the streets, private prisons exist to make profit. This incentivizes prison corporations to push for laws such as jail for nonviolent criminals and mandatory minimums to fill up their prisons and increase their profit margins.

You may own holdings in one of the major private prison companies through your IRA, 401(k), or another retirement plan. At Progressive Investors Network, we can review your portfolio, and help you divest from private prisons.

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