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Socially & Environmentally Responsible Investment Strategies

Progressive Investors Network, LLC (PIN) is a national, full-service financial advisor network dedicated to building strong, enduring relationships with individuals and organizations by ensuring their investments align with their values. Our knowledgeable advisors assist clients in working toward their fiscal goals, while providing opportunities to invest in ways that reflect their values, and impact society positively.

<b>Socially Responsible Investing (SRI)</b>

Socially Responsible Investing (SRI)

“SRI” stands for socially responsible investing, which is a term used by investors who consider the environmental, social, and governance (“ESG”) practices of the businesses in which they invest.

Other terms related to SRI include ethical, sustainable, values-based, and impact investing. All of these describe approaches that incorporate ESG factors into the decision to either invest in a company, or to avoid – or “screen” – that company.

<b>Work with Pioneers</b>

Work with Pioneers

Today, the influence of socially responsible investing (SRI) continues to increase in the financial community. Investors are seeing the benefit of investing in socially screened portfolios that generate competitive financial returns. We believe your investments should be governed by your values and with some conversation, we will use standards and strategies to find the right fit for you.
At PIN, we have developed proprietary investment sleeves, a suite of fourteen socially screened mutual fund portfolios. With a solid track record, these are among the only portfolios screened to meet the United Nations Global Compact 10 principles of corporate responsibility.

<b>Our Services Put Your Needs First</b>

Our Services Put Your Needs First

With access to a wide range of products and services, we will provide a customized plan to help your financial goals align with your values. As traditionally trained licensed financial advisors, we can provide a complete analysis of your entire financial picture, while ensuring your SRI/ESG investments compliment your other investments.

As a full-service independent financial advisory you can be assured that our loyalty lies with you first and foremost. In conjunction with our broker-dealer, Securities America, we have access to a broad range of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds at our disposal to use in the best possible ways for your financial success.

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